Feb. 16th, 2016

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So Valentine's Day was half spent on the River Derwent at Matlock freezing my tits off.

First up was some staggers practice on the flat bit, but really harsh staggers with long runs across the stream between them. The water was a bit faster than I've been on at Matlock, so a good data set for my brain to figure out how to calibrate turns. Then after a bit of staggers, I nearly gave up and got off, but the getting-out point at the top was occupied by a group of plastic-boaters who were finishing up, so I screwed my courage back on and paddled down.

It was also the highest I've been on at Matlock - eddies were washed out and I ended up going over the top of Killer Rock since it was a foot underwater. Fun bouncy stuff. We were supposed to break back in about where Killer is and out further down the opposite side, but I got too-many-paddlers syndrome and was feeling quite strongly that if I capsized I would probably panic in water that cold (it snowed later). So I went a bit further down and did a couple of crosses, not too bad. One of the dads decided it would help to "coach" me a bit when I really just wanted to be left alone and do little things on my own without having to have a conversation. Note to self, articulate that better next time. Then I went down the bottom where it was super super bouncy, then had to paddle a long way back up to the get out because I was having too much fun on the bouncy bits for about 30 yards to remember I should think about breaking out.

Additional findings:
-Forgot dry trousers for getting changed into - a factor in not wanting to take risks, but Esther had something she could have lent me, so it wasn't the major factor. Maybe put some really scuzzy old clothes in some waterproof part of the car (is there one anymore?) for the next time I forget my clothes. There *will* be one.
-I have got heavier - the tail was more catchy than it has been because lower in the water. TRAIN.
-I have got larger - my hips are sore because the seat was squeezing. And I say again - TRAIN. Maybe add out-of-boat exercise, e.g. long walks. Walk to work or home some days?


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