Dec. 19th, 2015

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"Hmm", I think, "if only there was some kind of online thingy where I could write a training journal. Where would I find one of those?" Well now, there's this Livejournal I have forgotten to write in for about a year...

So this is the start of LJ being TJ.

Marple club session plan for Sunday 20/12/2015:
Summer is daring time, winter is technique time. So this will be a technique session, focusing on trunk rotation.
-Loosen lower back in warm clubhouse
-Forward paddling drills, concentrate on rotation, flat water
-Get on moving water in middle pool for small amount of adrenaline, forward drills pointing up and surfing gentle water. Move gradually up in flow to imprint muscle memory in scared-brain.
-Rest a bit
-Edge drills, flat water
-Ferry glides on moving stream, concentrate on edge and sideways flexing separate from leaning
-At end, if water quite low, go down to wave train for a few crosses to maintain courage level. If there was a wave train in the middle, don't need to bother with this.
-Stretch: lower back twists. Shoulders. Hams & glutes after climbing steps.

Measures of success:
-Trunk rotation >2 strokes in moving water
->2 crosses with good edge
feanelwa: (braids)
And then I read back 40 entries of my LJ since I was already on the page. Oh my god, I was so broken and scared and angry all the time. I'm going to stop reading that, it's too embarrassing.


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