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I have not updated Livejournal* for a couple of weeks. Oops.

State of the brain: I feel like crap. Work is still stressful, but my ability to deal with it has slowly diminished so sometimes I wake up and just can't do anything. I have got some reading and spectrum simulating I can do at home, which means I (a) can count it as working from home, probably, and (b) can use the days where everybody has made me too sad to go to work, as days where I am doing actual science that is independent of the idiots and snide bullies, which actively contributes to me getting MORE PAPERS and getting a new job so I can get OUT OF HERE. But, Estates TOOK OUR WORK CATS AWAY and they are not there to cheer me up at the end of the day, there is just a miserable grey bit of pavement again. So, you know, it mostly sucks but I'm still moving vaguely forwards most of the time.

State of the job: We didn't get any of the possible Denmark funding because I don't have enough papers out. We seem to have got funding for my current job to carry on for 18 months, which will make the canoeing kids happy because I'm not leaving (awwwwww) but will make me sad because I still have to work here with the abusive management and 30% mean colleagues. I have an application for something in Manchester in the fire but I haven't heard anything even though somebody emailed me to tell me there was a job and hint that I should apply for it. So I don't know.

State of the boat and muscles: I have got a new seat on my slalom boat and suddenly there is some kind of one-to-one and predictable relationship between what I do and what the boat does because my legs are not pinged up as tense as they can go and halfway to cramp. So, I am PRACTISING and getting better and I might not lose to *all* the 12 year old kids next season. Also I am enjoying it again, and doing some hard exercise in the fresh air. As Aldabra says: people who say a bad workman blames his tools are people who have good tools.

State of the house: well, it's ok. I waver between utterly not coping with housework and having it nearly in a state where I'm not ashamed for other people to see it. I have to move some stuff around into cat-safe furniture, sort the living room out, and probably get the letting agent to deal with the recent hole in the asbestos under the garage roof which appears not to have a matching lump of asbestos that came out of it (?!!) and then after a suitable period of letting the landlord cool down after paying for asbestos removal, it might be time to ask if I can get a CAT which will make me happier.

State of the love life: I don't have one. I got back on Guardian Soulmates and have been on a couple of dates, one I thought we got on well but he didn't like me, and the other talked about 9/11 conspiracy theories for half an hour. So, er, yes. If anybody knows any single men between 30 and 40 who don't smell and aren't twats, do introduce me, because I'm fed up of being lonely and surrounded by twats.

*I always write that Liverjournal and have to go back and correct it. Thursday: Gallbladder had some toast with butter to deal with. I laughed. Then I got citalopram to deal with again. My work is never done. Later, dealt with some dead blood cells and made urea. Lots of tannins today too. Might do some gurgling later. I hear we have mouth ulcers so I might be busy with some Bonjela this afternoon.

Date: 2013-12-20 08:08 am (UTC)
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From: [identity profile] hairyears.livejournal.com
Good to hear, mostly.

Date: 2013-12-22 03:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] skorpy.livejournal.com
Looking for people on a website for Guardian readers? There's your problem. No wonder you find crackpots; they're guardian readers. It's like trying one attached to the daily mail and acting surprised when you get racists.

Cats are ALWAYS good to cheer you up. How come you had work cats, though? Were they actually helping with the science, or merely moved in one day to sit on the expensive equipment, eat mice and stray lunches, and staaare at a point on the wall behind you?
I'm tempted to suggest that tesco get a few cats to help with the rat problem, but I fear that, this being Reading, the rats are bigger than most cats already. I spotted a wandering cat in the car park last week, though.

For mouth ulcers, try nuking them with mouthwash, and changing toothpaste. If there's only one of you in the house, buy smaller tubes so they don't go off before you finish them.
Don't ACTUALLY nuke your mouth. Just use mouthwash. Maybe the fancy antibacterial stuff.

Date: 2014-10-04 10:11 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] gerald_duck
How are you doing, these days?

You've not updated in aaages, and I was beginning to worry you'd vanished off the face of the EarthLJ. But I just noticed you comment on someone else's journal.


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